The Web Site also called the site, website, web site, or portal. In the meaning of a website is a collection of pages of information provided via the internet so that it can be accessed around the world over the internet without a network to connect to unlimited space and time.

The website is a component that consists of text, images, sounds animations so that it becomes the media information that is interesting to be visited by other people.

A website is a virtual representation of you or your business on the internet. With the increasingly rapid technological development, all people want information can be presented quickly and accurately. Regardless of how large your business, whatever your business, it's a pity if it does not have a website that's where almost all of the prospective consumers using these facilities to meet their needs for information products market.
-Website Profile
-Website Online Store
-Website Catalog
-Community Website
-Educational Website
-Website News
-Personal Website (branding)
-Business Website, etc.


By having a website for a business, meaning businesses are already one step ahead compared to the competitor who does not yet have a website.
Increase brand/company eye of prestige customers and prospective customers.
Through the website can provide information updates to customers. Either in the form of product information or support for products that have been purchased.
The website accommodate as many products and information. (Media advertising limited).
Media Advertising (newspapers, tabloids, brochures) for only a mere only. The reader will find much more information via your website.
Products and information will be published to the whole world. (Media advertising is limited to local only).
As a place of sale (Showroom) 24 hours in addition to the real store.
The website is super cheap investment. Compare with real stores have to rent a shop, pay employees, pay electricity, phone, etc.
Make it easy for customers to contact, and get product information and services.
Get new customers after seeing interesting information there diwebsite.
One of the main keys to the success of a website is a website that is able to attract as many visitors as customers.