We try to reach right plastic injection mold with balanced quality and price. Give customer exactly what they need!

* Under Quality Mold Means You Got Less Than Your Needs.
* Over Quality Mold Means You Paid More Than Your Needs.

Neither is efficient in business.
Being small mold maker since 1998, we are fully aware of difficulty in mold quality control. It is a work full of craftsmanship. A tiny error leads to disaster of whole mold. Often that mistake can't be compensated easily.

Thanks to new technology and CNC machinery price more and more affordable, it is much easier and cheaper to get quality mold components than before. But still without responsibility and carefulness, an quality mold can't be made. A set of quality control system need to be implemented to minimize mistake and maximize efficiency, which depends on people each post, from design, machining, assembly, polish, texture and test.
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