Maybe if you are still new in the world of the internet and just started wanting to create a website, might often hear or read about web hosting or a web host, the second term is the same and the name is no different. the rise of the online world of course you want to create a professional website and has its own attraction one of the first thing is to choose the web hosting.

Understanding Web Hosting is a service or rental place to save files or scripts that are on the Internet and allows for a person or organization in order to display the services or products on the web or even Internet sites such as web portals, personalized web and more.

Web Hosting or it can also be interpreted as data storage in the form of files by size megabytes (MB) up to large size i.e. terabytes (TB) that has a connection to the internet so that the data in the web hosting can be on request (ask) or on access by internet users from all corners or global. This led to the website can be accessed simultaneously in one time.

Understanding Web Hosting: what is a Web Host?

Basically the web hosting server using an ordinary computer we already know, but the computer for web hosting using a few components with the amount of power and incredible program tamung basis a hosting server has to be able to go online within 24 hours per day and without having to shut down or in the refresh period quite longer than usual that we already know.

Now we know a little bit about what is Web Hosting? for now this is an awful lot of web hosting services that allow you to choose from a variety of places. for example in indonesia, singapore, America and many more. the selection of this place is affected at a speed of access when someone wants to visit your website. to determine and deal with the user should you choose web hosting that is closest to you. It's one option and one of the tricks of seo.

Many are advised to choose some web hosting services. for it is not your fault if you read the page I have ever peeled the previous IE determine the reliable web hosting. such notions are in fact hopefully this article useful for you to determine where your website seharunya.